Monday, March 4, 2013
A Royal Visit to Lesotho

Prince harry sentebale
We were excited to read about Prince Harry’s recent trip to the mountain kingdom of Lesotho (pron. Leh-SOO-too for the uninitiated).  We love this beautiful southern African country and also love to see good work in action.  Read more about our recent visit here, and more about Harry’s recent visit here.  We also want to briefly introduce you to the charity formed by Prince Harry and Prince Seeiso of Lesotho.

Sentebale was formed to help the most vulnerable children in Lesotho get the support they need to lead healthy and productive lives.  They direct aid through funding and management support to voluntary, grassroots community services that attempt to fill the gaps in care. Whether they offer vulnerable children safe accommodation, hot meals or psychosocial support, these services can make a huge difference to children’s ability to lead a more rewarding life.

Photo:  Prince Harry & Prince Seeiso with a group of Herd Boys in Semongkong in Lesotho by Arthur Edwards courtesy Sentebale

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